The transition from primary to secondary school is extremely important in the lives of children and young people but it is also a time of significant stress for many.

This unique programme is designed to support children during this process, helping to build the confidence, skills and the resources that they will need in order to ensure a smooth and successful transition. This accessible text provides teachers, parents and professionals working with young people with a comprehensive range of resources to effectively support this process, and also:

  • promotes the development of resilient children and young people who can cope effectively with the process of change
  • encourage pupil participation and ensure that well-being is further fostered and maintained both for young people and staff within the learning context
  • includes specific strategies, techniques and ideas regarding the transition process including systems and individualised approaches
  •  helps young people to visualise success, manage strong and complex emotions, cope with stress and anxiety, problem solve difficult situations, recognise their own signature strengths and build upon these through a series of activities and problem based learning opportunities.

The programme itself also makes use of solution-focused approaches, motivational interviewing techniques, cognitive behaviour therapy strategies and a range of ideas and techniques taken from positive psychology and resilience theory. The wealth of resources offered here make this programme unique and engaging, and will be particularly useful to those who support children with SEN and higher levels of vulnerability.

chapter |13 pages


chapter |31 pages

Resources for staff and parents

Systems and procedures

part |136 pages

The student programme

chapter 1|7 pages

A new school

chapter 2|7 pages

Coping with change

chapter 3|7 pages

Getting organised

chapter 4|7 pages

Focus on feelings

chapter 5|9 pages

Thought control

chapter 7|8 pages

Managing friendships and conflicts

chapter 8|7 pages

Coping with stress

chapter 9|7 pages

Teaching and learning styles

chapter 10|9 pages

Positive self and positive goals