Introduction to Sport Marketing is an accessible and engaging introduction to key concepts and best practice in sport marketing. Aimed at students with little or no prior knowledge of marketing, the book outlines a step-by-step framework for effective sport marketing, from conducting market analysis and developing a strategy, through to detailed planning and implementation. The book has a wider scope than other sport marketing textbooks, recognising that students are just as likely to have to employ their marketing skills in community sport or the not-for-profit sector as in professional sport, and therefore represents the most realistic and useful sport marketing text currently available.

Now in a fully revised and updated second edition, the book has expanded coverage of digital and social media, product innovation, services and relationship marketing, and key contemporary issues such as social responsibility and sustainability. It features a much wider range of international cases and examples, covering North America, Europe, and the vibrant and rapidly developing sport markets in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Latin America. Every chapter includes a range of useful features to help the reader to engage with fundamental principles and applied practice, such as problem-solving exercises and review questions. Introduction to Sport Marketing is an essential textbook for any degree-level sport marketing course.

chapter 1|14 pages

Sport marketing introduction

chapter 2|19 pages

Sport markets

chapter 3|21 pages

Sport consumers

chapter 4|31 pages

Sport marketing opportunities

chapter 5|23 pages

Sport marketing strategy

chapter 6|28 pages

Sport products and branding

chapter 7|23 pages

Sport pricing

chapter 8|18 pages

Sport distribution

chapter 9|21 pages

Sport promotion

chapter 10|34 pages

Sport sponsorship

chapter 11|24 pages

Sport services

chapter 12|27 pages

Sport digital marketing and social media

chapter 13|21 pages

Sport marketing implementation and control

chapter |14 pages

Text principles and tools summary