Becoming a blogger takes practice, hard work, and, ultimately, a passion for the craft. Whether you plan to blog on politics or parenting, The Elements of Blogging is designed to give you the skills and strategies to get started, to sustain your work, and to seek out a robust audience. This book is loaded with practical advice on important topics such as determining a niche, finding the best stories, and blogging effectively and ethically. It features examples from both amateur and professional bloggers that show the techniques for building an argument, finding a voice, crafting a headline, and establishing a brand.

Key features:

  • Real-world applicability. This book includes thumbnail profiles of bloggers and their sites, which illuminate key skills you will need to become an effective blogger
  • Interactivity. Each chapter features discussion points and exercises intended to get you to think about, reflect on, and apply the contents of each chapter
  • Creativity. While this book dives into software and plug-ins for bloggers, its main goal is to cover how to write blogs on a myriad of topics: news, opinion pieces, travel, politics, art, and more.

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chapter 1|18 pages

Anatomy of a Blog Post

chapter 2|24 pages

Two Models

The Reporter Blogger vs. The Op-Ed Blogger

chapter 3|17 pages

Getting Started

chapter 4|13 pages

Writing as Rap

chapter 5|11 pages

Striking up a Conversation

chapter 6|15 pages

Why Headlines Matter

chapter 7|18 pages

Beyond Words

chapter 8|17 pages

Stories of Everyday Life

chapter 9|21 pages

On the Road Again

The Travel Blog

chapter 10|18 pages

Blogging about Politics and Journalism

chapter 11|14 pages

I'll Be Your Guide

Advice and Review Blogs

chapter 12|13 pages

Building Your Blogging Brand