Science in the Changing World, first published in 1933, contains a series of broadcasted presentations on the relationship between science and the development of European civilisation in the first half of the 20th century. Specifically, each talk attempts to reflect the crisis through which the world seemed to be passing at the time, and to make an analysis of those forces of transformation in science, art, economics, and social life which were associated most closely with the advent of the ‘scientific’ century. Included among the presenters are such eminent and diverse thinkers as Julian Huxley, Bertrand Russell and Hilaire Belloc.

Science at Your Service: First published in 1945, this collection of twelve BBC broadcasts focuses on the influence of science in everyday life, and demonstrates that not all science is remote and theoretical. Each speaker deals with some aspect of mid-20th century scientific advance as it related to subjects of practical importance, from textiles and tunnels to fishing and ship design. Offering a glimpse into the attitudes towards science current in the middle of the Second World War, this brief and accessible collection will be of interest to cultural historians as well as to the general science enthusiast.

chapter |10 pages


part |2 pages

Part I What Is Science?

chapter 1|14 pages

The Paradox of Science

chapter 2|12 pages

Science in Revolt

chapter 3|12 pages

Science in Action

chapter 4|15 pages

Is the Universe Mysterious?

chapter 5|11 pages

Science—Disruptive and Constructive?

chapter 6|10 pages

Everyone a Scientist

part |2 pages

Part II What Is Man?

chapter 1|22 pages

Man as a Relative Being

chapter 2|10 pages

Our Place in Nature

chapter 3|11 pages

Missing Links

chapter 4|21 pages

The Evolution of Mind

chapter 5|13 pages

The Control of Development

chapter 6|13 pages

Man and Reality

part |2 pages

Part III What Is Civilization?

chapter 1|8 pages

The Scientific Society

chapter 2|15 pages

Economists, Scientists, and Humanists

chapter 3|16 pages

Science and the Self

chapter 4|13 pages

Man and the Machine

chapter 5|15 pages

The Biologist and Society

chapter 6|13 pages

The Spirit of Science

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chapter |2 pages

Title Page

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Table of Contents

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chapter 1|7 pages

Science and the House

chapter 2|8 pages

The Science of Building

chapter 3|7 pages


chapter 4|8 pages

Clothing and Fabrics

chapter 5|10 pages


chapter 6|7 pages

Sounding the Earth’s Crust

chapter 7|8 pages

Our Weather

chapter 8|8 pages

The Housewife and the Fisheries

chapter 9|8 pages

Saving Life at Sea

chapter 10|9 pages

Science and Ship Design

chapter 11|8 pages

The Tunnel Builders

chapter 12|8 pages

Science in National Life