An increase in research into all facets of learning difficulties has resulted in a deeper understanding of the problems. This book includes a description and explanation of reading, spelling and learning difficulties; provides chapters on psychological and neuropsychological assessment; explains the associations between behavioural problems and learning difficulties; and critically reviews remedial approaches, incorporating a summary of what is known about their efficacy. The importance of dealing with attendant behavioural problems and the significance of phonological knowledge in literacy learning are central themes.; Intended to be a succinct and accessible synthesis of current knowledge in this area, this book should be of interest to professionals who encounter children with learning difficulties, tertiary students and parents.

chapter Chapter One|20 pages

Introduction: Specific learning difficulties defined

chapter Chapter Two|20 pages

Reading and spelling problems

chapter Chapter Three|16 pages

Problems with mathematics

chapter Chapter Four|26 pages

Diagnosis and assessment: Methods and measures

chapter Chapter Seven|15 pages


chapter Chapter Eight|15 pages

Remedial techniques and resources

chapter Chapter Nine|5 pages