First published in 1997. This is noted as Volume XIX of the Bodleian Shelley Manuscripts and included drafts of 'Scences from the Faust of Goethe', 'Ginevra', 'Scenes for the Magico Prodigioso of Calderon' and more. This volume also includes commentaries and annotations combining wide-range scholarship, encompassing a large portion of the best that has been known and thought about Shelley and his writing from his day to ours, with speculations and re-evaluations of the accepted truths of Shelley studies.

Introduction, The Notebook and How Shelley Used It, Putative Missing Leaves, Ownership of the Notebook, Transmission of the Texts, Thomas Medwin, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, 1862-1946: Richard Garnett, William Michael Rossetti, Harry Buxton Forman, and Others, 1946-T he Present, Introductory Notes on the Main Entries, Right-side Up Items, Fragment: "the spring rebels not . . . ", "Ginevra", "Scenes from the Magico Prodigioso of Calderon", Plato Reading Notes, Reverso Items, French Fragment: "le toit etoit formé . . . ", "A Lament" ("O World! O Life! O Time"), "From the Arabic: an Imitation", Fragment: "The Flowers have Spread . . . ", Jottings: "Casa Caiani"; "Caro Ricci", Notes on the Book of Job and a jotting for ?"Charles the First", "Lines: ‘When the Lamp is Shattered’", Fragment: "The Rude Wind is Singing", "Fragments of an Unfinished Drama", "Through the mossy sods and stones", "With a Guitar, to Jane", Fragment: "The Prophet", "Scenes from the Faust of Goethe", "It is a singular world..." (translation from Calderon’s La vida es sueño), Sketches, Doodles and Scribbles, A Note on Media: Ink and Pencil, The Photofacsimiles, Notes to Introduction, Bibliographical Description.