First published in 1997.The Loving Together: Sexual Desire Program consists of 12 weeks of exercises that  are designed to help you ignite the sexual passion in your relationship. Exercises have been included each week that will enhance the level of communication and positive feeling toward your partner. These are necessary prerequisites for a healthy relationship. John Gottman’s research from the University of Washington in Seattle indicates that couples who stay married have four positive interactions for every one negative one. As the ratio of positive interactions to negative ones increases, the greater the likelihood the marriage will succeed.

chapter 1|12 pages

Week 1

chapter 2|4 pages

Week 2

chapter 3|6 pages

Week 3

chapter 4|4 pages

Week 4

chapter 5|4 pages

Week 5

chapter 6|4 pages

Week 6

chapter 7|4 pages

Week 7

chapter 8|2 pages

Week 8

chapter 9|4 pages

Week 9

chapter 10|2 pages

Week 10

chapter 11|2 pages

Week 11

chapter 12|2 pages

Week 12