First published in 1985. The present volume is a theoretical and methodological supplement to the Nuttin's book 'Motivation, planning and action: A relational theory of behaviour dynamics’, in which he showed that behaviour dynamics in man, due to their interaction with higher cognitive functioning, are processed into gaols and means-end structures- that is behavioural projects or plans. The main purpose of the theoretical section of this book is to contribute to the integration of the future time dimension on the study of human motivation and behaviour. The moan part is then devoted to a two-step method for studying the content and density of a person's future time perspective and for measuring its depth or extension.

chapter 1|32 pages

A theory of time perspective

chapter 2|24 pages

The motivational induction method (MIM)

chapter 4|12 pages

Measuring the extension of the F.T.P.

chapter 6|32 pages

Manual of time perspective analysis

chapter 7|44 pages

Manual of motivational content analysis

chapter 1|1 pages

Suggestions to the instructor

chapter 2|2 pages

Instructions to the subjects

chapter 3|1 pages

Complete list of MIM inducers

chapter 4|1 pages

Shorter form A of MIM inducers

chapter 5|3 pages

Shorter form B of MIM inducers