First published in 1987. The purpose of this book is to offer insights and guidelines for psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic treatment to the practitioner working or planning to work with the late Heinz Kohut's concepts of self-psychology. By integrating theory and practice, the authors offer case material from our therapeutic experience, showing how self-psychology can be used with a wide range of patients, culminating in outcomes that are not only beneficial but also exciting and sometimes surprising.

chapter |22 pages

Empathy and the Selfobject

chapter |18 pages

The Grandiose Self

A Wellspring of Rage or Achievement?

chapter |28 pages


chapter |13 pages

A Third Chance for the Nuclear Self

A Tripolar Self Through a Twinship

chapter |22 pages

Traumatic States

Too Much, Too Little, or the Wrong Responsiveness

chapter |19 pages

Special Populations

chapter |22 pages

The Joy of Psychotherapy