This book details years of research involving questionnaires and observations of married couples in pursuit of the determinants of both marital happiness and divorce. It will be of interest to family and clinical psychologists and methodologists.

chapter 1|26 pages


chapter 5|41 pages

Marital Processes That Predict Dissolution

chapter 7|10 pages

Is Conflict Avoidance Dysfunctional?

chapter 9|23 pages

There are Two Types of Conflict Engagers

chapter 10|31 pages

A Balance Theory of Marriage

chapter 11|25 pages

There are Two Types of Nonregulated Couples

chapter 12|47 pages

Male Withdrawal From Marital Conflict

chapter 13|23 pages

Replication and Extension

chapter 14|23 pages

Physiology During Marital Interaction

chapter 16|27 pages

Eight-Year Longitudinal Follow-up Study

chapter 17|32 pages

Recommendations for a Stable Marriage

chapter 18|2 pages