World Philosophies presents in one volume a superb introduction to all the world’s major philosophical and religious traditions. Covering all corners of the globe, Ninian Smart’s work offers a comprehensive and global philosophical and religious picture.

In this revised and expanded second edition, a team of distinguished scholars, assembled by the editor Oliver Leaman, have brought Ninian Smart’s masterpiece up to date for the twenty-first century. Chapters have been revised by experts in the field to include recent philosophical developments, and the book includes a new bibliographic guide to resources in world philosophies. A brand new introduction which celebrates the career and writings of Ninian Smart, and his contribution to the study of world religions, helps set the work in context.

chapter 2|57 pages

South Asian philosophies

chapter 3|47 pages

Chinese philosophies

chapter 4|9 pages

Korean philosophies

chapter 5|25 pages

Japanese philosophies

chapter 7|32 pages

Islamic philosophies

chapter 8|20 pages

Jewish philosophies

chapter 9|87 pages


chapter 10|23 pages

North America

chapter 11|17 pages

Latin America

chapter 12|14 pages

Modern Islam

chapter 13|22 pages

Modern South and South-east Asia

chapter 14|27 pages

China, Korea and Japan in modern times

chapter 15|20 pages

African philosophies

chapter 16|14 pages

Concluding reflections