Mental health promotion is an emerging field of interest to many health professionals. This book traces its history, defines it and distinguishes it from mental illness prevention. Mental health is viewed as a positive concept and seperate from mental illness and psychopathology. Based on original research, the conceptual analysis developed in the book offers policy makers and practitioners a coherent and comprehensive framework within which to design and implement practice. Mental Health Promotion:
* offers a new conceptual paradigm for mental health promotion
* applies it to policy, assessment, consultation, education and training
* provides a comprehensive, international literature review
Suitable for a wide variety of courses at student and professional level in psychiatry, nursing, social work and community work, Mental Health Promotion is a significant addition to the study of health promotion.

chapter |10 pages


part |4 pages

Part I Defining the field

chapter 1|20 pages

Mental health

chapter 2|18 pages

Health promotion

chapter 3|34 pages

Mental health promotion

chapter 4|22 pages


chapter 5|30 pages

Community mental health promotion

part |4 pages

Part II Developing the field

chapter 6|25 pages

Mental health policy

chapter 7|13 pages

Mental health assessment

chapter 8|26 pages

Mental health consultation

chapter 9|14 pages

Mental health education and training

part |4 pages

Part III Breaking out of the field

chapter 10|12 pages

Beyond mental health promotion

part |2 pages


chapter 1|2 pages

Notes on community organising

chapter 2|3 pages

Mental health promotion targets

chapter 4|2 pages

Mental health promotion course