Essential Nursing Care for Children and Young People is the definitive guide for all nursing and healthcare students and professionals caring for children and young people. Designed to meet the 2010 NMC competency standards for pre-registration nurses, the textbook supports you through the process of caring for children and young people with varied needs and conditions across all healthcare settings.

A practical, patient-centred approach is taken throughout, with the ‘voices’ of children, their families and their carers used to tie theoretical knowledge to the real experience of providing care. The inclusion of the latest research and health and social care policies ensures that you are fully in line with the latest clinical practice, whilst the book’s activities and exercises allow you to regularly check your understanding and develop confidence during your journey from student to nursing professional.

Main features:

Course-Focused Approach – pedagogy and content designed specifically for all three years of the child nursing degree programme.

Contemporary Content – research note features and policy integrated throughout to give you instant access to the latest evidence-based practice.

Illustrated Throughout – this highly accessible text regularly uses pictures and diagrams to highlight key issues.

Voices – include authentic experiences of children, young people, parents, carers and professionals to help develop a patient-focused attitude to care.

Pertinent A&P – includes coverage of all relevant anatomy and physiology for child and young person nursing courses.

Practice Guidelines – provide practical guidance on everyday procedures for your quick reference.

Activities and Answers – allow you to check your knowledge and build confidence.

Specialist Authors – each chapter is written by leading experts in each area.

Essential Nursing Care for Children and Young People is the ideal main textbook for all undergraduate child and young person nursing students, as well as professionals wanting to ensure they are using the latest practice. This text is also relevant to any student or professional involved in the health and social care of children and young adults.

chapter 5|18 pages

Safeguarding Children and Young People

chapter 9|39 pages

Neonatal Nursing Care

chapter 10|29 pages

Emergency Care of Children and Young People

chapter 15|36 pages

Preparation for Professional Practice

chapter 17|26 pages

Research with Children and Young People