Since this classic book was first published in 2003, sustainability has increasingly become mainstream business for leading corporations, whilst the topic itself has also been a hotly debated political issue across the globe. The sustainability phase models originally discussed in the book have become more relevant with ever more examples of organizations at later stages in the development of corporate sustainability.

Bringing together global issues of ecological sustainability, strategic human resource management, organizational change, corporate social responsibility, leadership and community renewal, this new edition of the book further develops its unified approach to corporate sustainability and its plan of action to bring about corporate change. It integrates new research and brings illustrative case studies up to date to reflect how new approaches affect change and leadership. For the first time, a new positive model of a future sustainable world is included - strengthened by references to the global financial crisis, burgeoning world population numbers and the rise of China.

With new case studies including BP's Gulf oil spill and Tokyo Electric Company's nuclear reactor disaster, this new edition will again be core reading for students and researchers of sustainability and business, organizational change and corporate social responsibility.

part |2 pages

Part I Towards third wave corporations

chapter 2|33 pages

The drivers of change

part |2 pages

Part II Managing the persistent past: dealing with first wave corporations

part |2 pages

Part III The dominant current reality: understanding and reconstructing second wave corporations

chapter 5|48 pages

Sustainability: the strategic advantage

chapter 6|30 pages

The sustaining corporation

part |2 pages

Part IV Pathways to sustainability: towards third wave corporations

chapter 7|40 pages

The incremental path

chapter 8|32 pages

The transformational path

chapter 9|36 pages

Leading towards sustainability