This is Volume I of a series of six on the Philosophy of Science. Originally published in 1923, this study offers a philosophical analysis of some of science's fundamental concepts and is ultimately based on a course of lectures delivered to the third year students of science at the University of Bristol in the session 1920-21.

part I|216 pages

The Traditional Concepts of Mathematical Physics, and their Gradual Modification within the Region of Physical Science

chapter I|15 pages


The Subject-matter of Philosophy, and its Relations to the special Sciences

chapter Chapter II|32 pages

The General Problem of Time and Change

part II|324 pages

The Sensational and Perceptual Basis of our Scientific Concepts

chapter Chapter VII|12 pages

Matter and its Appearances; Preliminary Definitions

chapter Chapter VIII|45 pages

The Theory of Sensa, and the Critical Scientific Theory

chapter Chapter XI|47 pages

Sensible and Physical Motion

chapter Chapter XII|36 pages

Sensible and Physical Space-Time