First published in 2000. This is Volume VI of seven in the Library of Philosophy series on Philosophy of Religion and General Philosophy. Written around 1925, This book entitled Psyche, offers an account of the opinions held by the Greeks about the life of the human soul after death, and is thus intended as a contribution to the history of Greek religion.

part |250 pages

Part I

chapter |33 pages

Islands of the Blest


chapter |41 pages


chapter |61 pages

The Cult of Souls

chapter |19 pages

The Eleusinian Mysteries

chapter |15 pages

Ideas of the Future Life

part |330 pages


chapter |29 pages

Origins of the Belief in Immortality

The Thracian Worship of Dionysos

chapter |53 pages

Dionysiac Religion in Greece

Its Amalgamation with Apolline Religion. Ecstatic Prophecy. Ritual Purification and Exorcism. Asceticism

chapter |27 pages

The Orphics

chapter |49 pages

The Philosophers

chapter |52 pages

The Lay Authors

chapter |27 pages