First published in 2007. Geil argues in this book that five is a number most remarkable to the man of the Central Kingdom. Crafted to the rule of fifths, the author discusses aspects of the world, mountains and religion which lead to the analysis of five. These include the ascent of five key figures: Tai Shan, Nan Yo, Sung Shan, Hua Shan and Heng Shan. This title includes illustrations throughout with a comprehensive index.

part I|116 pages

Tai Shan, Green Peak-of-the-east

part II|47 pages

Nano Yo, Red Peak-of-the-South, in 5 Sections

chapter II_1|9 pages

The Pilgrimage

chapter II_II|15 pages

The Holy Street at Foot of Nan Yo

chapter II_III|13 pages

The Ascent of Nan Yo

chapter II_IV|6 pages

Heroes and Fairies

chapter II_V|2 pages

The Oil Bible School

part III|51 pages

Sung Shan, Yellow Peak-Of-The Centre, in 5 Divisions

chapter III_1|15 pages

The Holy City

chapter III_II|10 pages

Scenery Around

chapter III_III|9 pages

History of Sung Shan

chapter III_IV|10 pages

Other Notabilities of the Mountain

chapter III_V|5 pages

Two Gentlemen, and a Third

part IV|78 pages

Hua Shan, White Peak-Of-The-West, in 5 Portions

chapter IV_I|16 pages

By Rail, Litter, and Donkey

chapter IV_II|13 pages

Champion Sleepers

chapter IV_III|15 pages

Valley Mouth To Ch'ing Ko Ping

Ascent of Hua

chapter IV_V|14 pages

The Right Place to Worship the White Spirit

The Summit of the Mountain

part V|50 pages

Hêng Shan, Black Peak-of-the-North, in 5 Separations

chapter |1 pages