First published in 2006. Part painting in prose, part delightful narrative, this book is filled with clever observations, memorable characters and the authors' own paintings and drawings. It will prove irresistible to anyone interested in the culture of the French village.

part |242 pages

Two Vagabonds in Languedoc

chapter |20 pages

Our Last Breakfast in Upper Languedoc

chapter |19 pages

Recollections on a Green Garden Seat

chapter |27 pages

Mine Host and Hostess of the Hôtel Sestrol

The Sestrols

chapter |24 pages

The Juge de Paix and the Court of Janac

chapter |25 pages

Peasants and Villagers—Life and Customs

chapter |23 pages

Eaters and Eaten, and Gastronomic Things

chapter |13 pages

The Steange Case of Monsieur Lemoule

chapter |19 pages

The Mountain Fires Around the Village

chapter |20 pages

Four Days of Village Festival

chapter |16 pages

Magic and Medicine—Health and Hygiene

chapter |14 pages

… And the Fruits in their Seasons

chapter |4 pages

Adieu … Adieu!