The quest for a systematic unity of the universe in all of its manifestations is a common topic in Western thought.  In this book the author shows what Islam can bring to this field of human enquiry.  Defining a paradigm of Islamic political economy and world systems, he presents a study of epistemology in the light of general systems derived from the Qur'anic premise.  The result is an intellectual endeavour without any dogmatic or reglious and philosophoical enquiry.   First published in 2001. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

chapter Chapter 1|20 pages

General Perspectives

The Worldview of Islam and the Occident

chapter Chapter 2|20 pages

The Qur’anic Worldview in the Sciences

chapter Chapter 3|34 pages

The Qur’anic Model of Knowledge

The Interactive, Integrative and Evolutionary Process

chapter Chapter 4|28 pages

Comparative Political Economy

Islam and the Occident

chapter Chapter 7|28 pages

Complementarity in the Qur’Anic Ecological Model

chapter Chapter 8|26 pages

Decision-Making Model In Islamic Political Economy

chapter Chapter 10|28 pages

Contrasting Models of Knowledge and ‘De-Knowledge’

chapter Chapter 11|4 pages