First published in 1995.  It will soon be forty years since the original edition of this work, Sur la piste des bêtes ignorées (1955), appeared in French. With this book, the great adventure of ‘Cryptozoology’, the science of hidden animals, began.

part One|87 pages

The Great Days of Zoology are Not Done

chapter One|15 pages

There are Lost Worlds Everywhere

chapter Two|52 pages

Cuvier's Rash Dictum

chapter Three|18 pages

The Survivors from the Past

part Two|128 pages

The Man-Faced Animals of South-East Asia

chapter Four|28 pages

Nittaewo, the Lost People of Ceylon

chapter Five|24 pages

Orang Pendek, the Ape-Man of Sumatra

chapter Six|74 pages

The not so Abominable Snowman

part Three|82 pages

The Living Fossils of Oceania

chapter Seven|7 pages

The Surrealist Dinosaur of new Guinea

chapter Eight|25 pages

The Incredible Australian Bunyips

chapter Nine|11 pages

The Queensland Marsupial Tiger

chapter Ten|31 pages

The Moa, a Fossil that may still Thrive

chapter Eleven|6 pages

Waitoreke, the Impossible New Zealand Mammal

part Four|96 pages

Riddles of the Green Continent

chapter Twelve|37 pages

The Patagonian Giant Sloth

chapter Thirteen|25 pages

The Giant Anaconda and Other Inland ‘Sea-Serpents'

chapter Fourteen|32 pages

Apes in Green Hell

part Five|29 pages

The Giants of the Far North

chapter Fifteen|27 pages

The Mammoth of the Taiga

part Six|173 pages

The Terrors of Africa

chapter Seventeen|50 pages

The Nandi Bear, an East African Proteus

chapter Eighteen|8 pages

Mngwa, the Strange One

chapter Nineteen|17 pages

The Little Hairy Men

chapter Twenty|62 pages

The Dragon St George did not Kill

chapter Twenty-One|16 pages

Kongamato, The Last Flying Dragon

part Seven|25 pages

The Lesson of the Malagasy Ghosts

chapter Twenty two|23 pages

Tratratratra, Vorompatra, Etcetera