First published in 1999. This book is written in four parts. Part I 'Foundations', starts with Chapter 1 'What is a multisensory environment?' and provides a general introduction to the field. The MSE can be different things to different people. It can describe an actual space, or the impact that space has on an individual. Furthermore, it can be for adults or children, for recreation, leisure, therapy or education. Part II 'Design and construction' explores the what, who, why and how of the open-minded, Part III 'Curriculum development' begins with Chapter 8 'Curriculum development in the MSE. The final section, Part IV 'Future developments', consists of two chapters. The goal of Chapter 11 'Conducting research in the MSE' is to demystify research and thereby encourage all members of the transdisciplinary team to become actively involved in MSE related research; Chapter 12 'Where are we going?', the MSE is re-examined to identify possible ways this development could contribute to the increased pluralities that will constitute education in the twenty-first century.

part I|37 pages


chapter 1|9 pages

What is a multisensory environment?

chapter 2|14 pages

Survey of the MSE literature

part II|46 pages

Design and construction

chapter 5|11 pages

Who will be involved in the MSE?

chapter 6|9 pages

Why focus on MSE design and construction?

chapter 7|9 pages

How to design and construct a MSE

part III|48 pages

Curriculum development

part IV|20 pages

Future developments

chapter 11|13 pages

Conducting research in the MSE

chapter 12|5 pages

Where are we going?