First published in 2008. The people and life of Tahiti had sunk deeply into the heart of Calderon; but when he returned home, he deliberately postponed the book he intended to write, in order that he might recall the memory in due perspective. He left it incomplete, but there is a synopsis which shows how he meant to construct it, with the help of these the book has been brought to the shape in which it is now published. The reader will understand how the book inevitably shows unevenness, save for the chapters which had received the author's finishing touch.

chapter I|2 pages


chapter II|1 pages


chapter III|2 pages

Pape-Ete by Day

chapter IV|3 pages

Pape-Ete by Night

chapter V|5 pages


chapter VI|2 pages

At the Hotel

chapter VII|3 pages

Aritana on Baratonga

chapter VIII|2 pages

Aritana's Music

chapter IX|2 pages


chapter X|3 pages

Himené Singing

chapter XI|5 pages


chapter XII|5 pages

In the Mission Garden

chapter XIII|2 pages

Bain de Loti

chapter XIV|1 pages

At the Protestant School

chapter XV|3 pages


chapter XVI|3 pages

The Pitcairn Islanders

chapter XVII|10 pages


chapter XVIII|4 pages

The Nature Man

chapter XIX|5 pages

Second Visit to the Nature Man

chapter XX|4 pages


chapter XXI|3 pages

The Decay of the Colony

chapter XXII|3 pages


chapter XXIII|5 pages

On the Road to Taravao: Departure from Pape-Ete

chapter XXIV|9 pages

On the Road: At Moitua's

chapter XXV|5 pages

At Lantérès'

chapter XXVI|6 pages

At Temaeva's

chapter XXVII|3 pages

Himené Practice for the Féte

chapter XXVIII|10 pages

At Amaru's

chapter XXIX|8 pages

Amaru as a Nature Man

chapter XXX|5 pages

Children: Te-Hei and Arii-Roo

chapter XXXI|10 pages

A Day at Vaanui

chapter XXXII|2 pages

The Tahu'a Ra'au

chapter XXXIII|5 pages

Walking South: The Hotu Pool

chapter XXXIV|3 pages

At Mahei's

chapter XXXV|3 pages

A Personal Matter

chapter XXXVI|4 pages

At the Protestant Deacon's

chapter XXXVII|11 pages


chapter XXXVIII|3 pages


chapter XXXIX|9 pages

Walking South: at Taua's

chapter XL|25 pages

In Taiarapu

chapter XLI|6 pages

Songs of the South Seas

chapter XLII|3 pages


chapter XLIII|4 pages

Still on the Road

chapter XLIV|5 pages

The Pigling Feast

chapter XLV|8 pages

The Ride

chapter XLVI|7 pages

Pape-ete Revisited

chapter XLVII|4 pages

Natives in Pape-Ete

chapter XLVIII|1 pages

The Reef-Pass of Toata

chapter |1 pages