The Dunciad in Four Books of 1743 was the culmination of the series of Dunciads which Alexander Pope produced over the last decade and a half of his life. It comprises not only a poem, but also a mass of authorial annotation and appendices, and this authoritative edition is the only one available which gives all the verse and the prose in a clearly laid-out form, with a full modern commentary. Accessibly presented on the same page as Pope’s text are explanatory notes, written in a style adapted to the needs of undergraduate readers, but still comprehensive enough to address the interests of scholars. The many books and pamphlets to which Pope refers have been examined in detail, and the commentary takes advantage of the fifty years’ scholarship on literary, bibliographical, cultural and political aspects of the period which has accumulated since James Sutherland’s The Dunciad, volume five of the Twickenham Edition. A substantial introduction offers a stimulating and helpful approach to the work, and the bibliography includes extensive suggestions for further reading.

chapter |20 pages


part 1|66 pages

The Dunciad in Four Books.

chapter 1|2 pages

Advertisement to the Reader.

chapter 2|2 pages

By Authority.

chapter 3|2 pages


chapter 4|9 pages

A Letter to the Publisher

Occasioned by the first correct Edition of the DUNCIAD.

chapter 5|27 pages

Testimonies of Authors

Concerning our Poet and his Works. M. Scriblerus Lectori S.

chapter 6|6 pages

Martinus Scriblerus of the Poem.

part 2|55 pages

Book One

chapter 8|2 pages

Argument To Book The First.

chapter 9|49 pages

The Dunciad: To Dr. Jonathan Swift.

Book the First.

part 3|71 pages

Book Two

chapter 10|68 pages

The Dunciad: Book the Second. Argument.

part 4|50 pages

Book Three

chapter 11|47 pages

The Dunciad: Book the Third.

part 5|96 pages

Book Four

chapter 12|93 pages

The Dunciad: Book the Fourth.