What is terrorism and where does it come from? Who are the people who perpetrate terror? What are their motives? Terrorism is now everybody's major and constant fear. This easy-to-read, concise account of terrorism provides the essential global guide to understanding what the threat is and exactly where it comes from. Without this knowledge, argues David Whittaker, there can be no way forward in prevention and control. The book looks in particular at how terrorism has shaped and been shaped by the past half century, the driving forces behind it, the methods, the psychology and the money.

Originally written in the aftermath of September 11, the book has now been updated to reflect how our understanding of and reaction to terrorism has moved on in the past few years. The Where to Find Out More section at the end will also be thoroughly updated to include recent websites and publications on the subject.

chapter |6 pages


chapter |18 pages

The Meaning of Terrorism

chapter |31 pages

Terrorism around the World

chapter |19 pages

Motives for Terrorism

chapter |17 pages

Terrorism and Religion

chapter |18 pages

Fanatics and Martyrs

chapter |24 pages

Terrorist Methods

chapter |20 pages

Future Types of Terrorism

chapter |23 pages


The piecemeal approach

chapter |23 pages


International efforts to defeat it