The first volume chronologically in a new multi-volume History of Germany, Timothy Reuter's book is the first full-scale survey to appear in English for nearly fifty years of this formative period of German history -- the period in which Germany itself, and many of its internal divisions and characteristics, were created and defined. Filling an important gap, the book is itself a formidable scholarly achievement.

part I|93 pages

Carolingian Germany

chapter 2|25 pages

The Frankish kingdom

chapter 3|25 pages

Gentes ultra Rhenum

part II|68 pages

The kingdom refounded, 882–983

part III|106 pages

The Ancien Régime, 983–1056

chapter 7|38 pages

The politics of the kingdom

chapter 8|32 pages

Being and consciousness

chapter 9|34 pages

Hegemony and empire