Lively, informed and thorough, this survey of the life and works of Graham Greene opens with a biographical account setting the writer in context of his times and describing and exploring the influences, tensions and contradictions that occur throughout his work. The second half of the book devotes itself to the 'art of Greene' discussing his writing techniques, recurring themes, and imaginative preoccupations. Within this section thorough critical analyses are given of three works: Brighton Rock, The Power and the Glory, and the film, The Third Man. The book concludes with a reference section which comprises a gazeteer, a biographical list and a bibliography. Suggestions for further reading and a list of films encourage the student to explore the works of Greene more widely.

part Part One|8 pages

The Writer and His Setting

chapter 1|76 pages

The life of a writer

chapter 2|52 pages

Contexts and issues

part Part Two|1 pages

The Art of Greene

chapter 3|5 pages

Greene on his art

chapter 4|1 pages

The nature and origins of Greeneland

chapter 8|28 pages

Critical accounts

part Part Three|1 pages

Reference Section

chapter |7 pages