The book draws extensively on research on modern Greece in recent decades, and on the many perceptive commentaries on recent events in the Greek press. It adopts both an analytical and chronological approach and shows how Greece has both converged with western Europe and remained distinctively Balkan. David Close writes clearly and forcefully, and presents a lively picture of the Greek political system, economic development, social changes and foreign relations.  Aimed at readers coming to the subject for the first time, this is a readable and informative introduction to contemporary Greece.

chapter 1|15 pages

In tro d u ctio n

chapter 4|25 pages

U n ev en Prosperity: Society, 1950 - 1973

chapter 5|31 pages

The Post-Civil W ar R egim e, 1950 - 1967

chapter 6|11 pages

M ilitary Dictatorship, 1967 - 1974

chapter 7|14 pages

Foreign R elations, 1950 -1 974

chapter 8|29 pages

D em ocratic Transform ation, 1974-1989

chapter 9|27 pages

Restructuring the E conom y, 1974 - 2000

chapter 12|17 pages

Foreign R elations, 1974 -2 000

chapter 13|6 pages

W hither Now ?