Between 1700 and 1885 the British became the paramount power on the Indian subcontinent, their authority extending from Sri Lankain the south to the Himalayasin the north. It was a massive empire, inspiring both pride and anxiety amongst the British, and forcing change upon and disrupting the lives of its Indian subjects.

Yet it is not simply a history of conquest and subjugation, or dominance and defeat: interaction and interdependency powerfully shaped the histories of all involved. The end result was a hybrid empire. India may have become by 1885 the jewel in the British crown, but by that same year a series of changes had occurred within Indian society that would set the foundations for the modern states of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. This book provides a concise introduction to these dramatic changes. 

part One|7 pages


chapter One|5 pages

Background and Historiography

part Two|80 pages


chapter Two|19 pages

Empires and Entrepreneurs, 1700-65

chapter Three|34 pages

Conquest and Consolidation, 1765-1857

chapter Four|25 pages

Rebellion and Reconstruction, 1857-85

part Three|4 pages


chapter Five|2 pages

The Legacies of Empire in Britain and India

part Four|34 pages