Older People in Modern Society is an established classic text in its field and through subsequent editions its reputation and that of its author has grown. In this fourth and renamed edition, Anthea Tinker synthesises and discusses a wide range of literature about older people, drawing from fields such as medicine, sociology and social policy and using primary source material to illustrate the text. She also introduces a number of topics that have attained greater importance since publication of the third edition in 1992, for example, continuing care and the abuse of older people.

part 1|28 pages

The Background

chapter 1|3 pages


chapter 2|14 pages

A profile of older people

chapter 3|9 pages

General review of the literature

part 2|194 pages

Needs and How They Are Met

chapter 5|26 pages

The financial and employment position

chapter 6|41 pages


chapter 7|28 pages


chapter 8|37 pages

Personal and other social services

chapter 9|18 pages

Some groups with special needs

chapter 10|15 pages

Community care – the family

part 3|43 pages


chapter 12|15 pages

The contribution of older people

chapter 13|15 pages

Some general problems

chapter 14|11 pages

The topic in perspective

part 4|45 pages