The present and future state of the environment gives rise to ever increasing concern, but much less is known as yet about the past: the damage that has been done since, and by, the Industrial Revolution; how far our predecessors were aware of it; the steps they took; and the gradual development of a wider concern for the state of the world and our impact on it. This timely and pioneering survey, designed for general readers as well as students and scholars, is a substantial contribution to that understanding.

chapter 1|10 pages


part One|137 pages

Pollution and Amenity

chapter 2|29 pages

The Age of Smoke and Smells

chapter 3|27 pages

From Smoke Abatement to Global Warming

chapter 4|28 pages

Water Resources under Strain

chapter 5|23 pages

Land Loss and Reclamation

chapter 6|25 pages

Towards a Green and Pleasant Land

part Two|108 pages

The Prodigal Economy — and its Reform?

chapter 7|25 pages


chapter 8|11 pages

Metals and Minerals

chapter 9|29 pages

Any Old Iron?

chapter 10|19 pages