Environmental Resources provides a comprehensive text for undergraduate resource management courses. It begins with an introduction to natural and environmental resources and then considers them in the context of politics, time and space.

chapter Chapter 1|23 pages

Introductory concepts

chapter Chapter 2|23 pages

The political economy of environmental resources

chapter Chapter 3|23 pages

Environmental resources in space and time

chapter Chpater 4|22 pages

The land resource: food production

chapter Chpater 5|26 pages

The land resource: forests

chapter Chapter 7|27 pages

Energy resources

chapter Chapter 8|19 pages

Mineral resources

chapter Chapter 9|24 pages

Water resources

chapter Chapter 10|19 pages

Ocean resources

chapter Chapter 11|20 pages

Environmental wealth and limits to growth

chapter Chapter 12|16 pages

Transition to sustainability?