The Balkans have often been a flashpoint of conflict in European history. The recent civil war has torn the country apart and the region faces an uncertain future. This authoritative study provides an account of the history of the whole area from the first major nationalist rising against its Ottoman rulers in 1804 to the aftermath of World War II. Covering the former Yugoslavia, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania , it provides a Balkan-wide overview as well as histories of specific states and sets the context to the recent conflict.

chapter |22 pages


chapter |22 pages

The awakening of nationalities, 1804–30

chapter |19 pages

The 1920s – Part 1: The Losers

chapter |20 pages

The 1920s – Part 2: The winners

chapter |19 pages

The 1930s – Part 1

chapter |19 pages

The 1930s – Part 2

chapter |24 pages

The Second World War, 1939–45

chapter |9 pages