This is a timely exploration of national identity in Great Britain over nine hundred years of history. Our attitudes to the nation state are changing - national assemblies in Scotland and Wales and growing pressures for regional assemblies. In his vigorous new survey, Professor Robbins provides the background to these changing attitudes. He considers the development as well as the possible disintegration of the sense of "Britishness" among the inhabitants of Britain and investigates how - and why - they have preserved their own national and regional identities across several centuries of co-existence.

Keith Robbins is Vice Chancellor of the University of Wales Lampeter. Among his many books, Longman has also published his highly successful study The Eclipse of a Great Power: Modern Britain 1870-1992 (Second Edition 1994). He is also General Editor of Longman's famous series ofProfiles in Power, with over 20 titles already in print and many more in preparation.

part |50 pages


chapter 1|28 pages

The Ingredients Assembled

chapter 2|20 pages

The Framework Established

part One|88 pages

Great Britain: Creation, Crisis, Consolidation c. 1500–c. 1750

part |49 pages


chapter 12|25 pages

Fragile Bearings 1945–

chapter 13|22 pages

Losing (Domestic) Bearings? 1945–