Welfare Rights and Social Policy provides an introduction to social policy through a discussion of welfare rights, which are explored in historical, comparative and critical context.

At a time when the cause of human rights is high on the global political agendathe authorasks why the status of welfare rights as an element of human rights remains ambiguous. Rights to social security, employment, housing, education, health and social care are critical to human well-being. Yet they are invariably subordinate to the civil and political rights of citizenship, they are often fragile and difficult to enforce, and because of their conditional nature they may be implicated in the social control of individual behaviour.

part |74 pages

Welfare rights in theory

chapter |17 pages

The social rights of citizenship

chapter |18 pages

Poverty and need

chapter |21 pages

Welfare rights in global perspective

chapter |16 pages

Critiques of welfare rights

part |108 pages

Welfare rights in practice

chapter |23 pages

Rights to subsistence

chapter |19 pages

Rights to work

chapter |20 pages

Rights to shelter

chapter |26 pages

Rights of redress

part |41 pages

Rethinking welfare rights