This book introduces the beginning student to the major concepts, materials and tools of the discipline of geography. While it presents geographic theory, as whole and for each of its parts, the chief emphasis is on concrete analysis and example rather than on abstraction, an approach which has proven more successful for undergraduate courses than those with a more heavily theoretical bias. The text was extensively re-written for the third edition, which enhanced its clarity and effectiveness, with expanded cartographic coverage.

chapter 2|15 pages

The Region

chapter 4|15 pages

Spatial Systems

chapter 5|14 pages

The Environmental Factor

chapter 6|13 pages

The Ecological Imperative

chapter 7|12 pages

Culture, Nature, and Climate

chapter 10|19 pages

Soils and Agriculture

chapter 11|15 pages

Water and People

chapter 12|14 pages

Land Forms and Settlement

chapter 14|18 pages

Energy and Development