Emotional Development from Infancy to Adolescence: Pathways to Emotional Competence and Emotional Problems offers a chapter-by-chapter introductory survey of all aspects of emotional development from infancy to adolescence, from delight, surprise and love to anger, distress and fear. Taking a chronological approach, each chapter focuses on a specific emotion and covers the theories and research relating to its development, from infants’ emotional capabilities to the changes in self-understanding and self-conscious emotions of adolescence.

Hay integrates the approaches of classic developmental differentiation and differential emotions theory to create a comprehensive textbook with a unique approach to the subject matter, showcasing a range of research linking emotions to biological underpinnings and early experiences. This wide-ranging book also includes coverage of differences in temperament, developmental psychopathology, emotion regulation and development of emotional understanding, and attachment.

It is core reading for students of developmental psychology, health psychology, child welfare and social work, as well as anyone taking a course on social and emotional development courses. It will also be of interest to practitioners working in educational and clinical psychology and child psychiatry.

chapter 1|11 pages

More than a feeling

The study of emotion and its development

chapter 2|13 pages

Distress and delight in infancy

chapter 3|8 pages

Surprise and disgust

chapter 4|20 pages

Fear and anxiety

chapter 5|17 pages


Fight vs. flight

chapter 6|7 pages


chapter 7|5 pages

Happiness, joy and elation

chapter 8|9 pages

Affection, love and jealousy

chapter 9|15 pages


chapter 10|12 pages

Shame and guilt

chapter 11|4 pages