Despite the clear link between climate change and human rights with the potential for virtually all protected rights to be undermined as a result of climate change, its catastrophic impact on human beings was not really understood as a human rights issue until recently.

This book examines the link between climate change and human rights in a comprehensive manner. It looks at human rights approaches to climate change, including the jurisprudential bases for human rights and the environment, the theoretical framework governing human rights and the environment, and the different approaches to this including benchmarks. In addition to a discussion of human rights implications of international environmental law principles in the climate change regime, the book explores how the human rights framework can be used in relation to mitigation, adaption, and adjudication. Other chapters examine how vulnerable groups –women, indigenous peoples and climate "refugees" – would be disproportionately affected by climate change. The book then goes on to discuss a new category of people created by climate change, those who will be rendered stateless as a result of states disappearing and displaced by climate change, and whether human rights law can adequately address these emerging issues.

chapter |12 pages


Framing the issues

part I|139 pages

Legal aspects and human rights framework

chapter 1|22 pages

International legal framework governing climate change

A human rights assessment

chapter 3|32 pages

Climate change and human rights

A justice issue?

chapter 4|25 pages

International environmental law principles and climate change

A rights and justice assessment

part II|65 pages

Human rights and vulnerable groups

part III|79 pages

Human rights implications of international legal issues

chapter 9|21 pages

Small island states and their people

chapter 10|24 pages

Extreme weather events, access to resources and conflict

Implications for international peace and security

chapter 12|7 pages

Climate change and human rights

Square pegs in round holes?