This is a second edition of the highly popular volume used by clinicians and students in the assessment and intervention of aphasia. It provides both a theoretical and practical reference to cognitive neuropsychological approaches for speech-language pathologists and therapists working with people with aphasia. Having evolved from the activity of a group of clinicians working with aphasia, it interprets the theoretical literature as it relates to aphasia, identifying available assessments and published intervention studies, and draws together a complex literature for the practicing clinician.

The opening section of the book outlines the cognitive neuropsychological approach, and explains how it can be applied to assessment and interpretation of language processing impairments. Part 2 describes the deficits which can arise from impairments at different stages of language processing, and also provides an accessible guide to the use of assessment tools in identifying underlying impairments. The final part of the book provides systematic summaries of therapies reported in the literature, followed by a comprehensive synopsis of the current themes and issues confronting clinicians when drawing on cognitive neuropsychological theory in planning and evaluating intervention.

This new edition has been updated and expanded to include the assessment and treatment of verbs as well as nouns, presenting recently published assessments and intervention studies. It also includes a principled discussion on how to conduct robust evaluations of intervention within the clinical and research settings.

The book has been written by clinicians with hands-on experience. Like its predecessor, it will remain an invaluable resource for clinicians and students of speech-language pathology and related disciplines, in working with people with aphasia.



part |18 pages

Theory and principles

chapter |7 pages

A cognitive neuropsychological approach

Theories and models

chapter |9 pages

Identifying and characterising impairments

Principles and evidence

part |67 pages

Deficits and assessment

chapter |4 pages

Introduction to assessment

chapter |13 pages

Auditory comprehension of spoken words

chapter |11 pages

Spoken word production

chapter |16 pages

Written comprehension and reading

chapter |15 pages

Written word production

chapter |6 pages

Object and picture recognition

part |265 pages


chapter |11 pages

Introduction to therapy

chapter |21 pages

Therapy for auditory comprehension

chapter |75 pages

Therapy for noun retrieval and production

chapter |45 pages

Therapy for verb retrieval and production

chapter |56 pages

Therapy for reading

chapter |45 pages

Therapy for writing