Want a quick way to get your students happily conversing more in the target language? This practical book shows you how to use formative assessments to gain immediate and lasting improvement in your students’ fluency.

You’ll learn how to:
  • Imbed the 3-minute formative assessment into every lesson with ease
  • Engage students in peer formative assessment successfully
  • Teach students to give each other formative feedback
  • Help struggling students make significant gains
  • Create and coach small groups for differentiated speaking practice
  • Assist students in incorporating current grammar lesson into meaningful conversations
  • Analyze your own use of language in the classroom to avoid vague feedback that can stifle student conversations
  • Grade oral improvement positively

The authors provide formative assessments for 17 language functions with step-by-step lesson plans, aligned to ACTFL guidelines. Each plan includes a wealth of conversation and extension activities. There are ready-to-use checklists including the "I Can" log that helps students plot their own progress.

Research has confirmed that when teachers use formative assessment, students can learn in six to seven months what would normally take a school year to learn. You’ll find yourself using this book every day because of the gains your students will achieve in foreign language fluency.

part 1|14 pages

Assessing and Improving Speaking

part 2|25 pages

Formative Assessment Overview

part 3|88 pages

Speaking Formative Assessments