This top-selling book will serve as the compass and road map to your school’s professional development journey. A comprehensive and authoritative resource you will go to again and again, this book helps guide principals, directors of professional development, school/district committees, and other leaders in creating an effective professional development program that moves ideas from knowledge to action.

Topics include:

  • Learning Communities
  • Job-Embedded Learning
  • Coaching
  • Teacher Study Groups
  • Critical Friends
  • Lesson Study
  • Portfolios
  • And more!

Additionally, this book features helpful case studies, useful forms and templates, sample agendas, and other invaluable resources for professional development.

The second edition contains the following enhancements:

  • Expanded coverage of job-embedded learning, which is a cost-effective way for administrators to enhance professional development with their staff
  • More information on the theoretical grounding of professional development with applications that can be readily adapted for use in schools
  • Updated references and figures to reflect newly published literature on the topics covered
  • User-friendly tabs, so you can find and return to your favorite sections time after time

chapter 5|41 pages

♦ Learning♦Communities♦

chapter 6|20 pages

♦ Job-Embedded♦Learning

chapter 9|21 pages

♦ Critical♦Friends♦Groups♦

chapter 10|15 pages

♦ Lesson♦Study♦

chapter 11|6 pages

♦ Learning♦Circles♦

chapter 12|15 pages

♦ Action♦Research♦

chapter 13|13 pages

♦ Portfolios♦

chapter 14|13 pages

♦ Are♦We♦There♦Yet?♦