Survival in the growing managed care environment requires the integration of financial analysis, market appraisal, and administrative management. The authors of Managed Service Restructuring in Health Care provide a unique tool for readers to enable them to make these successful management decisions in restructuring services. The unique approach in this book assists health care managers and prospective managers as they seek to solve the problem of how to deal with health care services that appear to be no longer productive. In Managed Service Restructuring in Health Care, the authors provide a solid theoretical base for what they have developed in MSR (Managed Service Restructuring)--a conscious--not crisis--management tool. They prepare readers for implementing MSR techniques by describing them in detail for their application to readers’situations. MSR approaches to planned health care management, as introduced in this book, help administrators channel scarce resources to the services the community wants and needs most. Facts and cases are offered as examples of when and how MSR techniques have been applied successfully. The authors also include failure cases where, if MSR techniques had been followed, health care providers would have survived in several communities.Incorporate the information in this book to enhance long-range planning and prevent closure of health care services needed by the community. Along with financial and marketing tools necessary for long-range planning, Goldman and Mukherjee list warning signals that alert professionals to the need to review the services and products offered. They also fully explore these areas:

  • Product Life Cycle
  • Boston Consulting Group’s Portfolio of Business (Growth Share Matrix)
  • Product Development
  • Product Planning
  • Public Service of Health Care Providers
  • Centers of Excellence
  • Service Diversification/Consolidation
  • Investment/Disinvestment Criteria
  • Marketing in Competitive Environment for Health Services

    Health care managers, hospital administrators, and students in health services management programs can benefit from the focus on conscious planning in Managed Service Restructuring in Health Care. While many of the examples take place within acute care hospitals, the MSR approach and this book are designed to assist any health care administrator or manager. With knowledge of when and how services can be prolonged, professionals can more effectively lead their health care provider into a more competitive environment. The analyses used in the book should enhance many readers’knowledge of basic marketing and financial principles and theories important to restructuring and providing health services today.

chapter Chapter 1|16 pages

The Historical Basis of Managed Service Restructuring

chapter Chapter 2|18 pages

MSR Defined

chapter Chapter 3|18 pages

Applying Managed Service Restructuring

chapter Chapter 4|32 pages

Preventing Service Line Deterioration

chapter Chapter 5|14 pages

MSR in Practice