In The Price We Pay, Margaret Randall interviews women from a wide range of economic, racial, and cultural backgrounds to reveal the role money plays in their lives. These women speak of their changing expectations and attitudes regarding money. Daughters of immigrants remember what money meant in the transition between worlds. They disclose the feelings that they have of stigma or shame at not having enough, guilt at having too much, and the lies, secrets and silences caused by these feelings. These personal stories are woven into a history of women's economics and chapters on family, work, the media, power and control, and lesbian economics.

chapter |9 pages

Words of Warning

or How I Came to Write This Book

chapter |27 pages

Money Talk

or The Last Frontier

chapter |21 pages

The Almighty Dollar

or The Popular Culture of Money

chapter |26 pages

Mint Condition(ing)

or The Generational Curse

chapter |24 pages

From Shame to Resistance

The Money Lies

chapter |27 pages

The Wealthy Woman

Money versus Power

chapter |29 pages

How We Change

or Some Alternatives to Money as Power

chapter |36 pages

The Egg Route