Reputation Management is a how-to guide for students and professionals, as well as CEOs and other business leaders. It rests on the premise that reputation can be measured, monitored, and managed. Organized by corporate communication units including media relations, employee communication, government relations, and investor relations, the book provides a field-tested guide to corporate reputation problems such as leaked memos, unfair treatment by the press, and negative rumors, and focuses on practical solutions. Each chapter is fleshed out with the real-world experience of the authors and contributors, who come from a wide range of professional corporate communication backgrounds.

Updates to the third edition include:

  • Global content has been incorporated and expanded throughout the book, rather than being restricted to only one chapter.
  • Opening vignettes, examples, and case studies have been updated in each chapter.
  • Additional case studies and examples with an international focus have been added.

chapter 1|44 pages

Reputation Management

chapter 2|47 pages

Ethics and Communication

chapter 3|34 pages

Media Relations

chapter 4|27 pages

Social Media

chapter 5|30 pages

Organizational Communication

chapter 6|25 pages

Government Relations

chapter 7|17 pages

Community Relations

chapter 8|19 pages

Investor Relations

chapter 10|27 pages

Issues Management

chapter 11|38 pages

Crisis Communication

chapter 12|24 pages

Corporate Responsibility