John Doona is an artist and a teacher of exceptional quality. He brings both artistic and human integrity to a wide range of drama work from the classroom to performance of the highest standards. His significant practice is firmly rooted in principle and knowledge of drama and children and young people. I recommend him to you as an exceptional and effective teacher and practitioner.

Professor Jonothan Neelands, University of Warwick, UK

What is a compelling scheme of work and how do I create one? What are the building blocks of Drama? How do I sustain interest and engagement? What is the purpose and impact of my daily work?

Providing inspiration for daily practice alongside a full range of tried and tested schemes of work, this exciting new book offers support to secondary teachers wanting to create original drama experiences to meet their own unique classroom needs.

The book models a positive and reflective approach to classroom practice offering a thoughtful exploration of the craft and art of drama teaching covering key issues such as classroom management, student engagement, planning, progression and assessment. After considering the theory behind drama in education and the fundamentals of practice, the majority of the text is devoted to the annotated schemes of work. These cover a diverse range of topics such as homelessness, addiction, terrorism and civil rights and show how the ideas discussed can be put into practice.

Featuring a Preface by Dorothy Heathcote and a Foreword by Edward Bond, this resource will be valuable reading for both new and established teachers looking to deliver excellent inspiring drama lessons across the secondary setting and become a vibrant and effective drama specialist.

chapter |3 pages


part 1|21 pages

Thinking drama

chapter 1|8 pages

Drama and the contemporary landscape

chapter 2|12 pages

Meaning drama — a personal account

part 2|34 pages

Some fundamentals of practice

chapter 3|14 pages

Creating compelling schemes of work

chapter 4|9 pages

Structuring the dramatic experience

chapter 5|7 pages

Assessment in drama

chapter 6|3 pages

Some thoughts on our art

part 3|139 pages

The schemes