The Essential Guide to Game Audio: The Theory and Practice of Sound for Games is a first of its kind textbook and must-have reference guide for everything you ever wanted to know about sound for games. This book provides a basic overview of game audio, how it has developed over time, and how you can make a career in this industry. Each chapter gives you the background and context you will need to understand the unique workflow associated with interactive media. The practical, easy to understand interactive examples provide hands-on experience applying the concepts in real world situations.

chapter |5 pages


Why You Need This Book

chapter Level 1|12 pages

AAA (Animation, Art, Audio)

Making Sense of Sound for Games

chapter Level 2|16 pages

On the Road—to NOW!

A Brief History of Games and Game Audio

chapter Level 3|18 pages

My Non-Linear Life

Audio For Interactive Environments

chapter Level 4|20 pages

What Is Hip?

Styles and Genres—Welcome to Acronym Hell

chapter Level 5|22 pages

Bleeps, Blops, Clicks, and Pops

Sound Design in Games

chapter Level 6|12 pages

Compose Yourself!

The Art of Composing for Games

chapter Level 7|15 pages

Do You Hear That Voice In My Head?

Voice-Over for Games

chapter Level 8|18 pages

Meet the Middleman

Understanding Audio Middleware

chapter Level 9|9 pages

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Preparing Your Audio

chapter Level 10|12 pages

“Silly Human …”

How Game Engines Think

chapter Level 11|13 pages

Unify My World

Audio in Unity 3D

chapter Level 12|21 pages

Unity Too

Basic Audio Implementation in Unity 3D

chapter Level 13|20 pages

Back To The Future

The World of Mobile and Web Games

chapter Level 14|16 pages

Show Me The Money

Getting a Job in Sound For Games