This book helps to deepen our understanding of the varieties of contemporary Islam and the issues that are of most concern to Muslims today. Oliver Leaman explores some of the controversies and debates that exist within Islam and between Islam and other religions. He considers how the religion can be defined by looking at the contrast between competing sets of beliefs, and arguments amongst Muslims themselves over the nature of the faith. Areas covered include: Qur’anic interpretation, gender, finance, education, and nationalism. Examples are taken from a range of contexts and illustrate the diversity of approaches to Islam that exists today.

chapter |3 pages


chapter |9 pages

Islam and leadership of the community

chapter |19 pages

Islam and the Qur'an

chapter |11 pages

Islam and God

chapter |14 pages

Islamic design, civilization and the city

chapter |14 pages

Islam and nationalism

chapter |17 pages

Islam and equality

chapter |14 pages

Islamic economics

chapter |22 pages

Islam and morality

chapter |14 pages

Islam and law

chapter |10 pages

Islamic education

chapter |13 pages

Islam and the Other

chapter |15 pages

Islam and belief

chapter |15 pages

Islam and Sufism

chapter |14 pages

Islam and entertainment