Black Spaces examines how space and place are racialized, and the impacts on everyday experiences among African Italians, immigrants, and refugees. It explores the deeply intertwined histories of Africa and Europe, and how people of African descent negotiate, contest, and live with anti-blackness in Italy. The vast majority of people crossing the Mediterranean into Europe are from West Africa and the Horn of Africa. Their passage is part of the legacy of Italian and broader European engagement in colonial projects. This largely forgotten history corresponds with an ongoing effort to erase them from the Italian social landscape on arrival. Black Spaces examines these racialized spaces by blending a critical geographical approach to place and space with Afro-Pessimist and critical race perspectives on the lived experiences of Blackness and anti-blackness in Italy.“



Witness to the Unthought Position

chapter 1|31 pages


A Genealogy of Relational Places

chapter 2|25 pages

Black/black Spaces

Lived Experiences and Geographic Logics

chapter 3|26 pages

Unarchived Everyday Violence

chapter 4|21 pages

The Death of Sylvester Agyemang

Can You Be BLACK and Bear This?

chapter 5|43 pages

Grammar and Ghosts

Refugees and Migrants in Italy

chapter |9 pages


Re-Imagining Future Geographies