Feedback from students to teachers has been shown to have a major influence on students’ achievement. Although the use of feedback from students requires little time and investment, the exploration of this topic in recent years has focused primarily on that from teacher-to-student or teacher-to-teacher. This innovative book examines the much-neglected feedback path from student to teacher and provides an empirically founded and practice-oriented step-by-step guide for teachers who want to get feedback on their own teaching.

Including a foreword by John Hattie, the authors shed light on the benefits, challenges, impact and academic discussion of student feedback. Topics include:

  • an outline of the current state of research about feedback, including in the light of Visible Learning, and the essentials for translating this research into implementation in the classroom;
  • the advantages of student-to-teacher feedback and how it is connected to good, effective teaching;
  • the practicalities of putting student feedback into practice: finding the right questions to ask, professional discussion, and how to go about applying changes to your teaching;
  • an exploration of combining digital technologies with the acquisition and evaluation of student feedback;
  • the wider impact of feedback and how a "feedback culture" can transform not only individual teachers but whole schools.

Using Student Feedback for Successful Teaching is an essential guide for experienced and newly-qualified teachers alike who are invested in their professional development and who strive to deliver the best quality teaching for their students.

chapter 1|4 pages


Feedback between desire and reality

chapter 2|22 pages

Feedback in the light of Visible Learning

chapter 3|10 pages

Student feedback

chapter 4|43 pages

Student feedback in practice

chapter 6|15 pages

Feedback culture and professionalism