The Jews: A History is a comprehensive and accessible text that explores the religious, cultural, social, and economic diversity of the Jewish people and their faith.

Placing Jewish history within its wider cultural context, the book covers a broad time span, stretching from ancient Israel to the modern day. It examines Jewish history across a range of settings, including the ancient Near East, the age of Greek and Roman rule, the medieval realms of Christianity and Islam, modern Europe, including the World Wars and the Holocaust, and contemporary America and Israel, covering a variety of topics, such as legal emancipation, acculturation, and religious innovation. The third edition is fully updated to include more case studies and to encompass recent events in Jewish history, as well as religion, social life, economics, culture, and gender.

Supported by case studies, online references, further reading, maps, and illustrations, The Jews: A History provides students with a comprehensive and wide-ranging grounding in Jewish history.

chapter Chapter 1|32 pages

Ancient Israel and Other Ancestors

chapter Chapter 2|29 pages

Becoming the People of the Book

chapter Chapter 3|27 pages

Jews and Greeks

chapter Chapter 4|31 pages

Between Caesar and God

chapter Chapter 5|34 pages

From Temple to Talmud

chapter Chapter 6|29 pages

Under the Crescent

chapter Chapter 7|30 pages

Under the Cross

chapter Chapter 8|25 pages

A Jewish Renaissance

chapter Chapter 9|24 pages

New Worlds, East and West

chapter Chapter 10|28 pages

The State of the Jews, the Jews and the State

chapter Chapter 11|45 pages

Modern Transformations

chapter Chapter 12|43 pages

The Politics of Being Jewish

chapter Chapter 13|40 pages

A World Upended

chapter Chapter 14|41 pages

The Holocaust

chapter Chapter 15|59 pages

Into the Present