In this title, originally published in 1920, Leonard Woolf traces the history of economic imperialism and explores the relations of Europe and Africa since 1876. This analysis of economic imperialism helped to shape attitudes to colonialism for more than one generation of radicals and socialists, and still has the power to influence and inform today.



part I|48 pages

International Economic Policy

chapter I|10 pages


chapter II|8 pages

The State’s Range of Eoonomio Action

chapter III|27 pages

The Economic Imperialism of Europe

chapter IV|1 pages

Scope of the Enquiry

part II|264 pages

Economic Imperialism in Africa

chapter I|16 pages

Europe and Africa

chapter II|10 pages

Mediterranean Africa: Algeria

chapter III|35 pages

Mediterranean Africa: Tunis

chapter IV|24 pages

Mediterranean Africa: Tunis and Tripoli

chapter V|90 pages

Abyssinia and the Nile

chapter VI|75 pages

Zanzibar and East Africa

chapter VII|10 pages

The Belgian Congo

part III|56 pages

Reflections and Conclusions

chapter I|37 pages

The Effects of Economic Imperialism

chapter II|17 pages

The Future of Africa